Website Design & Development

Do you need a new website or perhaps you need to update your existing site?

We can definitely help!

We have been building websites for over twelve years and stay up-to-date on the latest HTML versions as well as updates on site-builder platforms, such as WordPress.

We have the ability to build simple blogs for writers, authors, and coaches or even full-blown, data-base driven ecommerce websites with all the bells and whistles, depending on your particular needs.

Do you need a membership site or a website that requires passwords for your employees or customers to login to retrieve vital information?

We can do that too!

When planning on building your website here is also something else to think about…

When someone is looking for you online, you want to leave a good first impression, right?

Maybe your website just doesn’t look appealing or perhaps it’s OK on a computer, but look terrible on mobile.

If your existing website is older than five years, it could be you need a responsive website or something that is more visually appealing to your specific target market and made for all electronic devices.

If you’ve ever visited an older website and everything looks out of alignment, the text is too small to read (requires scrolling/stretching), or does not function correctly, it is usually because someone didn’t take the time to make updates to the code or they just don’t know how to fix bugs.

When your website looks out of date or disfunctional, it leaves a very bad impression. It would be similar to having a faded or torn sign on the side of your establishment or on an old abandoned billboard.

Let our team build your business an excellent, functional, visually appealing website where first impression really count.

Yes, we can help and do so every day for our happy clients.

Unless your business is a franchise, no two websites should look alike. If you are thinking about just going it alone and building one of those cookie-cutter sites you sometimes see on T.V. adverts, sorry to say, but this might actually HURT your business more than help.

The reason is that duplicated, cookie-cutter style websites have a tendency to leave what are called, footprints.

Footprints can hurt your search engine listings and rankings. So, what is the point of building a nice-looking website if no one can find you in a simple online search, right?

That’s where SEO comes in…